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The Firm provides their professional activities with main focus on the following areas:


Corporate and Commercial

  • advice and opinions on matters within commercial law and company profiles related to management and accountability;
  • pre-trade activities and negotiating agreements and shareholders' editors;
  • assistance to corporate meetings;
  • judicial activity and litigation for challenging Assembly resolutions.

Insolvency law

  • research and evaluation of alternatives to crisis;
  • advice and assistance in insolvency proceedings;
  • chambers and litigation management procedures.

Civil Law

  • advice and assistance, court and litigation in cases of hereditary division;
  • protection of property and possession, as a precautionary measure and the ordinary.

Proceedings before the Courts of civil justice

In this area the activities of the firm are mainly concerned with the litigation and judicial assistance in the following cases:

  • in corporate matters, including protecting the rights of shareholders;
  • bankruptcy, even in revocation actions;
  • law property rights.

Arbitration Procedures

The firm lends its assistance in arbitration proceedings governed by Italian and foreign organisations in corporate and in civil law.

Debt Collection

The activity performed by the Studio is the management of debt recovery throughout the procedural path, including the possible execution phase, and also the possibility of successful introduction for bankruptcy proceedings against the insolvent debtor.

Industrial Law

  • protection of intellectual property and patent deprivation; judicial repression of violations;
  • assistance and drafting licensing agreements and franchise agreements;
  • protection of Competition; lawsuit suppression of irregularities.
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